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Agentology is powered by a team of people who are passionate about helping agents succeed and dedicated to solving for the biggest inefficiencies in the real estate industry.

Why We’re Here

We believe in the human touch as a way to make better real estate experiences happen.

When I started in real estate 10 years ago, generating new business from websites like Zillow and wasn’t the main way you grew your business, but rather a way to augment your marketing efforts and show clients you’re a techy agent who’s ahead of their time.

Instead, we got business through “floor time” working at an actual office with foot traffic and greeting potential buyers and sellers in person. I’d give out my business card, collect contact information to follow up, and shook hands with the hope that an instant bond was created based off my interaction. 

Although this sentiment holds true to this day, back then building and maintaining strong client relationships was THE best thing a Realtor could do for their business.

Over the next few years, online home search portals gained serious traction, and it was clear they were here to stay. Information once only accessible via MLS became available online and people gained the ability to do their own research. Agents were no longer the sole proprietors of all things real estate and clients started needing me less and less.

The most notable change was the difference between how internet generated leads wanted to be treated compared to the buyers & sellers who used to step inside of a real estate storefront. These “new” leads were very long term, early researchers, who didn’t want to be pressured, and (many times) had no plans to meet an agent in the near future. Online leads were a different type of animal who needed to be treated as such, but one glaring issue stood out from the start: I was paying a lot of money for very little return.

Nowadays, 90% of all transactions start with an online search. That’s HUGE! It would be hard for any agent to ignore such a massive lead source… which is probably why Realtors are spending $15B per year generating online leads.

However, with a sudden influx of online leads and fewer opportunities to actually meet warm prospects face-to-face, agents were left with no affordable option to handle leads they were spending their hard earned cash on.

You see, internet leads are cold, un-scrubbed, and non-exclusive. Buyers and sellers now use multiple websites, have numerous agents trying to contact them, and ultimately have no loyalty to anyone. Leads are also more perishable than ever before (you’re 21X more likely to convert a lead if you call within the first 5 minutes versus 30 minutes!). Lastly, if there’s one thing every agent can agree on, it’s that chasing down cold leads totally sucks.

Agents are one-person businesses and we’re always on the go. We don’t have the time, man-power, or desire to engage and chase down every cold lead on our own – so we don’t. As a result, 45% of leads never even receive a response, and billions of our hard-earned dollars are wasted.

The solution? A human-powered inside sales team, or ISA, to quickly engage, nurture, and pre-screen leads and only connect agents to serious buyer and seller prospects who are ready to meet.

The problem is, hiring an ISA is expensive and time-consuming, and most agents simply don’t have the high volume of inbound leads to justify a full-time employee, let alone an entire team. Also when you take into consideration the days and times no one would be available to engage leads, agents are left with very few options.

And while technology provides agents with great tools for automating responses and managing leads, it has also started to slowly eliminate a really important piece of the real estate process: the human touch.

We were on a mission to create an affordable, more efficient way for agents to engage and manage web leads AND bring the human element back to the cold world of online lead generation.

By utilizing the best technology and believing in the power of the human touch, we are able to provide a better real estate experience for real estate agents and their leads.

It’s Not Rocket Science

It’s common sense: engaging leads quickly, following up, and setting up in-person appointments will dramatically increase your conversion rates with the same leads you’re already generating. When a buyer or seller inquires about a property, Agentology makes sure you’re the first agent they hear from. We make you look professional, attentive, and ready to assist – all for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time ISA (and with far better results).

More likely to convert a lead if you're the first agent to make contact238%
More likely to convert a lead if you reach out 8-10X68%
People will choose their agent in one day67%
People who choose the first agent they meet face-to-face72%
People who only interview one agent61%


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Our Values

Unbelievable Customer Service

Unbelievable Customer Service

Leave everyone in awe with our level of service and commitment to creating an unforgettable customer experience.

We Only Succeed When Our Agents Succeed

We Only Succeed When Our Agents Succeed

We believe in the win-win formula, and a performance based model where our incentives are always aligned with our partners.

CANI (Constant & Never-Ending Improvement)

CANI (Constant & Never-Ending Improvement)

Always strive to find a better way of doing things using a combination of creativity and experimentation. Never settle.

Transparency & Accountability

Transparency & Accountability

Perform your craft with integrity and take responsibility for your actions.

Work Hard & Play Hard

Work Hard & Play Hard

We give it our all, and we have fun doing it. Celebrate success.

We Love Our Agents

We Love Our Agents

No matter what, remember that agents are the lifeblood of Agentology. We’re here to make their lives easier and their businesses more successful.

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We have a “work hard, play hard” mentality and see working here as more than just a job – it’s about being a part of something. Not only do we love what we’re doing for Agents all over the country, we actually like working with each other.
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