Supercharge your qualification process through Agentology’s new Zap

Agentology has released a Zapier app, giving you the power to sync up and automate your workflow across 1500+ applications, including: CRMs, Google Suite, Facebook Lead Ads, and more!

The power of automated processes

Your modern real estate professional, at any given moment, is juggling way too many projects and priorities – to say nothing of the full time attention they provide to their clients.

Therefore, it stands to reason that a savvy agent employs an equal measure of tools to help streamline their workflow.

If you’ve had the chance to tune in to the latest episode of the Power Agent Podcast, you’re already coached on the importance of processes and automation. Barry Jenkins reveals and delves deeply into the importance of leveraging automated systems and tools to achieve scalable success.

“How can you do more in less time with systems and automations?” – David Tal, Power Agent Podcast

The answer – Zapier. This solution is the key to the workflow of Barry and hundreds of other real estate professionals. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Zapier gives you the power to create automated connections called Zaps: marrying the functions of all of your tools/web services in a streamlined, “Trigger + Action” fashion.

Basically, with Zapier you can set up multi-step automated sequences with no coding , enabling you to automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

If you’re still fuzzy on the details – this haiku should make it all crystal-clear:

If this thing happens.
Make this tool perform that task
Or THAT tool, THIS task

-Raymon Lacy

The Agentology Zap has arrived

So what does that mean for users of Agentology? Well, as you may know, Agentology knows a thing or two about connections, given that we continually join together top agents and lenders with motivated buyers/sellers.

Or in Zapier speak:

-Trigger: Buyer lead comes in.
-Action: Agentology engages

-Trigger: Lead buyer meets the criteria defined by Assigned Agent
-Action: Mark that lead as “Qualified”
-Action: Connect Qualified lead with Agent

More than anything else, our goal at Agentology has been to empower our members and streamline their success through innovation, optimization, transparency, and customization. *catches breath* So, uniting with Zapier was the logical next step!

So now, we not only connect through genuine conversations and proven scripts, but also connect with existing systems through Zaps. Agentology can even more seamlessly function as a part of an agent’s team and system, allowing them to include our peerless qualification process into automated workflows.

Putting it all together

Some of the most popular uses of Agentology’s Zapier app include automating the entirety of the lead process – from generation to qualification to notification – across multiple platforms!

For instance:

A favorite use case of streamlines the engagement of leads generated through Facebook Lead Ads. As soon as your Facebook lead generation efforts bear fruit, that lead is immediately imported into your Agentology account. From there, they are of course treated to our 24/7 engagement process that includes calls, texts and emails – with the option of extending that qualification effort into a long-term nurture campaign.

Conversely, you can do the same kind of import process for any new contact created within your favorite CRM. With many of the CRM Zapier apps, you can take the automation and control a step further. Take Follow Up Boss, for example. This pre-made template grants agents control over ending conversations with leads – done entirely within their Follow Up Boss CRM. Simply put, any time you add the “End Conversation” tag to a contact in Follow Up Boss, the lead will automatically be found in Agentology and all engagement will end for that lead.

For an even more favorable example, you can utilize Multi-Step Zaps to notify yourself as soon as a lead is qualified, across several channels. Slack, Gmail, Evernote – basically everything short of receiving a direct phone call (it’s a good thing that Agentology already does that for you – even Live Transferring if you’d prefer).

What are you waiting for?

Creating these workflows are a quick and easy undertaking – requiring little technical skill and only an understanding of what you want to achieve. Again, with over 1,500 different apps at your disposal, the possibilities are almost endless.

To level the way that you connect with Agentology, click the link below to get started.

Raymon Lacy

Raymon Lacy

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