The Complete Guide to Converting Online RE Leads (via Real Estate Rockstar)

The golden voice of Real Estate is back! Last week, David made an appearance on the Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Here, he had the chance to showcase his entrepreneurial wisdom and divulge some of the secret’s of real estate he’s discovered.

Here are some of those tantalizing tidbits, as well as some highlights from the rest of the podcast:

  • How to handle the different types of online leads
  • What to do after you’ve made contact with a lead
  • How many follow=up attempts should be made
  • How to break through all of your goals.

Click below and be graced by velvety tones of Mr. Tal, and take an audible deep dive into Real Estate success right now!

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Raymon Lacy

Raymon Lacy

A San Francisco native and UC Berkeley grad, Raymon recently made the move to Sunny San Diego. When he's not being a Marketing Magician, you can find him exploring San Diego or nose-deep in anything that relates to tech, sports, video games, fantasy, music, beaches or craft beers. (And lists. He really likes lists)