Zillow? It’s Me.

Does anyone know when the Realtor Grammys are? Let us know because we’re pretty sure we’re going to sweep this year.

Starring: Kelsey Green
Vocals: Audri Talavera
Directed & Produced by: Audri Talavera & Kelsey Green
Guest Starring: Masha Tal, David Tal, Nicole Pino DiStefano, & Ernesto Vega
Special Guest: Joey
Also Featuring: Dori Green
Music: “Hello” by Adele
Written by: Kelsey Green & David Tal
Edited by: Audri Talavera
Production Assistants: Joshua Santos & Raymon Lacy

Special thanks to San Diego Real Estate Agent Raquel Benguiat for letting us use your listing (other agents weren’t as cool about it).

P.S. Be sure to check out Audri’s YouTube channel – she’s amazing! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCusL6VaFS6_4fPQfur-glNQ

  • Date March 16, 2017
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