Automating Lead Flow | LCA Webinar

By November 7, 2017 Agentology

Did you get into real estate to be an appointment setter or a deal closer?

                                                                            -Nick Baldwin (KW)

In this meeting of the minds, David (Agentology) discusses the future of real estate with Tristan (LCA) and Nick (LCA ; KW). Most importantly, they touch upon the effectiveness of automation, and how this new tool allows you to focus on what you do best – close deals.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • How Agentology has automated the lead engagement and qualification process
  • Tristan and Nick’s success with using Agentology
  • How to automate your own lead flow

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Raymon Lacy

Raymon Lacy

A San Francisco native and UC Berkeley grad, Raymon recently made the move to Sunny San Diego. When he's not being a Marketing Magician, you can find him exploring San Diego or nose-deep in anything that relates to tech, sports, video games, fantasy, music, beaches or craft beers. (And lists. He really likes lists)