Effective advertising does two things well: first, it tells a compelling story, one that the consumer can connect with. Secondly, it meets the consumer where he or she is present. In an environment where people have short attention spans and endless options for content and information, Realtors® can stand apart from the crowd if they make use of live video tools such as Snapchat Live, Facebook Live, and Live stories on Instagram. With these tools, you have an opportunity to tell a compelling, visual story and deliver it to client’s smartphones, tablets, and computers all without blowing your marketing budget. Social media presents Realtors® with many opportunities to market themselves and their properties, but it’s important to know how to use the various social media channels for the right situations. Some, like Twitter, are great for communicating factual information (links to listings, dates/times for open houses), but with live video capabilities, Realtors® have an easy-to-use platform that virtually gets clients into houses and enhances your brand as a customer-focused, innovative partner. Those who master this medium will have a scalable model for client engagement, and can provide customers an effective, experiential, and convenient way to stay connected.

This style of marketing offers inexpensive, yet very powerful benefits, including:

We’ve learned that when it comes to social media consumption, people love video and seek it out more than anything else (videos in social channels generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined). Millennials, especially, are enamored with video, as four times as many prefer to watch video than read an article. In our fast-paced world filled with instant gratification, it’s clear that video platforms are becoming the most effective way of reaching your audience. But to use these tools effectively you should take these things into consideration:

Live video options from Facebook and Instagram are as easy to use as snapping a picture. Those who take advantage of them will discover an entirely new way for getting the attention of new clients and servicing the ones they already have. From a branding and customer service perspectives, live video can enhance how you’re viewed, thus improving your ability to get serious buyers and sellers who want to work with you.  

Craig Hengel

Craig Hengel

Surfer, sushi eater, GIF collector, dog trainer, nerd, fan of craft beer and web developer. Craig spends his time making awesome websites to save the world from bad experiences and design. He got his start in marketing for multi-family housing for over 100 communities and now is bringing his success there to the real estate industry. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🍺🤓🚴🏄🍣