2017 Q4 Air Report

Our ISAs (or inside sales agents) call, text, and email THOUSANDS of leads per day. Operating at this scale gives us the unique opportunity to uncover data to support best practices in lead engagement and qualification and share our findings with the real estate community. However, the best and most important part of our achievements lie within the lessons we’ve learned.

Did you know?

53% of real estate leads come in between the hours of 5pm and 8am. How about that 7% of all Leads come in between Midnight and 6:00am CST.

We do!

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With the release of our 2017 Q4 Air Report we hope to build upon the mutual success of our service and the agents who work with us by leveraging key metrics and statistics to bring more transparency to consumer behavior in the world of online leads to the industry.

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Some more highlights include –

Response Rate Analytics

SMS/Text Conversations

And more!

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Raymon Lacy

Raymon Lacy

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