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January 23, 2019

Why Broker’s Are Destined to Fail…
Unless They Adapt

Due to advancements in tech, the real estate landscape has changed dramatically over the last two decades - forcing brokers to choose to either adapt or fail altogether.  Studies indicate that 90% of real estate leads are coming from the…
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January 2, 2019

How Agentology’s New Nurture Feature Revolutionizes Lead Engagement

Every successful agent knows that the "follow up" to a lead can make or break its success in conversion. Like we've alluded to before, the entire sales cycle in buying a home can be long and arduous, and oft-times calls…
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December 26, 2018

The Importance Of An Online Sales Counselor

If you cannot keep up with the rapid pace of online marketing, your business will suffer… According to a joint study by Google and the National Association of Realtors®, 90% of all real estate transactions  start with an online search.…
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December 19, 2018

Strive for 5: Why Your Slow Response Time is Ruining Your ROI

Like a lot of agents in your situation, I'm sure you are frustrated with the amount of leads that are falling by the wayside. You train your team, you have a viable strategy in place and come month's end, you…
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December 12, 2018

What Every Team Lead Really Needs (Our Findings Might Surprise You) 💡

As the team lead, you are able to charge the different individuals of your team with roles and responsibilities that match with their strengths as a person. It's the classic divide and conquer model. And your role is the most…
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November 28, 2018

How to Win with Long Term Nurture

Long term nurture is a crucial strategy in real estate because those who are "ready" to buy a new home are often ready to begin their search --meaning it will likely  be a while before they actually go through with their…
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November 22, 2018

Success Stories: Byron Lohman | The Byron Lohman Team

If you’re not getting the response out to the leads, they’re going to go away. They’ll find someone else to answer their questions, and they’ll find someone else to buy their property from
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October 24, 2018

Why SMS Will Be Your Team’s Secret Weapon

If you're trying to promote yourself to the world and grow your business, you have no choice but to market to audiences on mobile devices. Your customers are mobile-- this is the way the world is, as mobile usage is…
October 23, 2018

Convert More Leads | Lab Coat Agents Webinar

“ I was spending all of this money, and didn’t have the right tools to get to them quickly”
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October 4, 2018

The 6 Best Lead Strategies Top Performing Agents Don’t Want You To Know

Realtors spend about $9 billion every year on advertising. Furthermore, from that data, 56% of that sum (a little more than $5 billion) is spent on purchasing leads. It's reasonable to assume that there's an immense amount of value associated…
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October 4, 2018

Strategies for Closing Employed by Top Agents

Closing is the make-or-break moment in real estate. Unfortunately, the job doesn't just entail helping a seller sell and a buyer buy. Far from it.  In fact, in 2007, Pat Vredevoogd-Combs, past president of the National Association of REALTORS®, testified…
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October 4, 2018

Why Direct Mail is the Best Marketing Strategy for Your Team

Contrary to what you might believe, direct mail marketing is anything but extinct in this day and age. In fact, $46 billion dollars is still being invested in direct mail marketing by major corporations. Even with the advent of modern…
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October 4, 2018

Win More Deals with Your Personality

You’ll be surprised by how much of an impact personality can have in closing deals; in fact, certain traits can play a part in making or breaking your business. When someone is said to have a “winning personality”, what kind…
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October 1, 2018

The Biggest Setback Plaguing Real Estate Teams

Real estate leads can be fickle--while there are many ways to generate leads. Which are the most financially viable and advantageous for an agent to follow? Technology today allows you to generate leads from a variety of credible sources (Trulia…
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September 28, 2018

Top 4 Mistakes Smart Agents Make With Their Lead Strategy

Are you aware of how much money you are potentially wasting with your leads every year? Seriously. Within your marketing budget, you are most certainly sure with how much you spend on lead generation down to the very last dollar.…
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September 17, 2018

Three Ways Body Language is Impacting Your Ability to Close

Everything we do is based on communication and we do it all day long. It’s how we form relationships and develop trust, and an overlooked aspect of the way we communicate, is body language. According to UCLA psychology professor Albert…
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September 14, 2018

Press Play: The Marketing Strategy You Can’t Ignore

Videos are the future - a notion that is backed up by a natural disposition towards flashy visuals (the many sequels to Fast and Furious and Transformers can attest to this).
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September 12, 2018

The True Value of Your Real Estate Networking Efforts

Did you know that customer referrals may be the most effective tool in your marketing bag? As a matter of fact,  42% of home buyers were referred to their real estate agent by an existing or previous client, and 74%…
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September 11, 2018

5 Ways to Unlock the True Power of LinkedIn

There’s generally a difference between networking and lead generation, but the reality is we’re generally always looking for opportunities to make connections that could someday turn into leads. LinkedIn has primarily been a tool for job searchers and B2B sales…
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August 29, 2018

5 Strategies To Build The Ultimate Real Estate Team

Let's face it-- even if you're a real estate rainmaker, building an optimized team around you provides more benefit than performing your role as a lone-wolf advisor. When you're working solo, you're always going to be presented with the sour…
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August 29, 2018

Digital Marketing Trends: Did Facebook’s Privacy Issues Change Everything?

There’s been a lot of media coverage recently about how personal information is being used and misused by social media companies. The best known example is the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, where personal data about Facebook users and their habits were…
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August 28, 2018

Personality decoded: Secret to Closing More Deals

The personalities of both you and your team will play an integral role in your success - from the listing appointment to escrow. Backed by extensive research and clout within the medical field, the Big 5 personality assessment can assist…
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August 16, 2018

How Customer Experience leads to Automatic Referrals

Did you know: the way you focus on the experience of your clients - past AND present - will be either the key to your success as a top real estate adviser or the precursor to your failure?
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August 15, 2018

4 Dynamite Ways to Sell Homes to Millennials

Millennials have really taken it on the chin as of recently, don't you think? It seems like everyone from pundits to industry leaders to even their own parents have had something negative to say about this young generation, calling them…
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August 14, 2018

5 Signs You’ve Made it as a Real Estate Agent

One of the key reasons that many get into real estate is for the opportunity to control their own destiny. There’s certainly a monetary factor to that, and success can be measured to some degree by volume of houses you’ve…
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August 13, 2018

Success Stories: Tristan Ahumada

All of my leads go through them because I trust them. And because, I've seen my numbers skyrocket... Agentology is on 24 hours a day.
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August 10, 2018

Instagram: The Next Home Selling Frontier

Every day our world is becoming more and more digitally oriented and specifically, the real estate industry has been making major leaps. Nobody is trying to be the agent that is missing out on deals because they are not up…
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August 8, 2018

The Art of Keeping in Touch with Past Clients

The business management expert Peter Drucker famously said, “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” It’s certainly hard to argue with that, but what Drucker neglected to mention is that keeping the customers you have is critical…
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August 6, 2018

The Importance of Health in Real Estate

The daily grind and rigmarole of working as a real estate agent can take a huge toll on the body and mind of anyone in the profession. According to a 2017 study conducted by Statista, 37 percent of individuals have…
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August 3, 2018

How to Build Your Brand Like A Rockstar

Reaching the point in your career where your name actually means something within real estate…that’s the dream. By now, you’re probably well aware of the importance of building your brand.  Your every interaction marks you as a walking billboard -…
August 1, 2018

6 Reasons Why Live Video Marketing Rules

Effective advertising does two things well: first, it tells a compelling story, one that the consumer can connect with. Secondly, it meets the consumer where he or she is present. In an environment where people have short attention spans and…
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July 30, 2018

Why Branding is Your Ultimate Weapon

Brands make the world go round, and they dominate every aspect of society. They are status symbols. They are markers for quality (or lack thereof). Most importantly, revenue and success are common symptoms of a great brand.
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July 28, 2018

How to Crush Online Leads Without Going Broke

"Drumming up leads can be done in a variety of ways; events, door-to-door, and referrals are all options. However, one of the easiest ways to get leads is to just buy them. We all know of different types of list…
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July 26, 2018

Boost Your Business with Social Media Insights

Tracking your social media performance is a crucial component to any successful marketing endeavor. This is especially true in light of recent changes to Facebook's News Feed, for example. You need the insight tools to determine exactly what is and…
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July 24, 2018

A Cautionary Lesson About For Sale By Owner.

As a real estate agent, you either love it, or you hate it (you probably hate it). Granted, the idea of saving money is appealing to anyone selling a property - and it’s often the reason they’ll jump right into…
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July 23, 2018

Nextdoor: Next Frontier for Real Estate Advertising

What Exactly Is Nextdoor? This social media phenomenon offers ways to foster relationships with your neighbors without having to go knock on doors. Nextdoor gives you the ability to start discussions and highlight important issues in your community.
July 23, 2018

How to Increase Your Engagement Within Your Own Network

There’s no denying that social media has been a focal point for success within the residential real estate industry. We’ve discussed before the importance of building brand awareness within real estate , and given the fact that 90% of Americans…
July 12, 2018

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Real Estate Agent

If given the chance to create a real estate handbook, every agent would have something vastly different to say; from personal rules that have resulted in their success to hard-learned mistakes that must be avoided, to necessary hardships that must…
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July 11, 2018

AI – The Future of Real Estate

Technology: the driving force of humanity’s evolution and apparently the bane of existence for many real estate agents. At least, that appears to be the presiding fear, espoused by every RE blogger with a pulse and especially in the face…
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July 11, 2018

Close More Real Estate Deals in Style.

Real Estate is all about first impressions being prepared and looking the part is half the battle. What to wear, is one of the first things you should be thinking of as soon as that meeting is scheduled. You might…
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July 10, 2018

MLS Photos – Importance of Hiring a Professional

Back in the day, buyers and sellers depended entirely on real estate agents to find their dream home or sell their property. Today, most prospective homebuyers are proactive. They head straight for their electronic devices to search for properties before…
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July 10, 2018

How a Headshot Can Make Or Break Your Business

Did you know? One of the most important things you can do for your business and your reputation is making sure you have a great headshot. As such, you need to explore what your headshot is saying about you, especially…
Success Stories
July 10, 2018

Success Stories: Jessica Macias

"One thing I really love and is very powerful about Agentology is the fact that they are representing themselves as part of my team. They are human beings they have real conversations, real responses, and it’s very authentic… and I…
Real Estate
July 3, 2018

The Price Estimator Epidemic: the WebMD of Real Estate

Too much of anything can be a bad thing (unless we’re talking about cookies, because clearly there is never a downside to a mouthful of deliciousness). As the ease and accessibility of the internet has given way to a flood…
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July 3, 2018

4 Ways to Generate Incredible Client Reviews

Buyers have options, and while they may be persuaded by your catchy advertising or a great deal, their decision-making about the agents they use is mostly done through online reviews. In fact, 91% of buyers regularly read online reviews, and…
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July 3, 2018

6 Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Advertising

Today, Facebook has become a part of our everyday lives in one way or another, whether we want to admit it or not. U.S. users spend 41 minutes on Facebook daily, and every minute another 400 users sign up. With…
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July 3, 2018

Doing Business with Millennials: Tips to Engage the Biggest Group of Home Buyers in History

Don’t be fooled by media portrayals of Millennials: Born between 1981 - 1996, this demographic of people represent the biggest generation in U.S. history. With an impressive headcount of 92 million, they are slated to be the biggest generational economic…
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July 3, 2018

Making a 1 Star Review Look Like a 5 Star Opportunity

In 2018 it’s harder than ever to hide from public opinion, and even harder to ignore what consumers think about your business. The necessary evil of the internet has given everyone who owns a computer, smartphone, or tablet the ability…
Success Stories
July 1, 2018

Success Stories: Barry Jenkins

  "Agentology has been all about leverage... they're constantly following up, doing a good job, the percentage of leads they're converting is through the roof and I couldn't be happier." -Barry Jenkins, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Virginia Beach,…
Success Stories
June 20, 2018

Success Stories: Michael Flynn

"I highly recommend them for anybody who’s looking to load up on their listing inventory" Michael Flynn, Flynn Tea, at Keller Williams Realty Garden City, New York
Success Stories
June 10, 2018

Success Stories: Bobby Martins

“What I love about it is someone is reaching out right away. And the best part is that it ties into my CRM. Now it’s allowing me to focus on the top 10% of people doing business, and I can…
Success Stories
June 1, 2018

Success Stories: Daniel Beer

We love Agentology! We generate hundreds of leads per month and need to engage them quickly and effectively. Agentology has helped our conversion rates rise and we are setting more appointments than ever with our leads. My team is able…
Lead Management
May 24, 2018

10 Real Estate Lead Statistics You Need To Know

There’s arguably no one as dependent on statistics as real estate agents. After all, your livelihood depends on numbers like how many homes are sold in a quarter, your commission rate, and the all-important lead stats. Any change in such…
Success Stories
May 20, 2018

Success Stories: Eric Pointer

"Agentology does an amazing job for our agents who are using our Agentology mac systems following up with leads. In fact all of them rave about how well Agentology is doing." -Eric Pointer, Agent Jet
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May 16, 2018

The Surprising Cost of Slow Lead Engagement

As a real estate agent, time is certainly money. And, if there was some way to conquer both, you’d probably be a millionaire by now. If you’re frustrated about the amount of money you’ve (potentially) lost out on, you are…
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May 10, 2018

Success Stories: David Azimi

"The promptness and the quality of the communication is excellent, and love to have them a part of my team." - David Azimi, David Azimi Real Estate Group
Improve Your Skills
May 9, 2018

What Is a Real Estate ISA?

The Inside Sales Agent goes by many names. From phone animals to call crushers, whatever you call them, there’s no denying the role they play on a real estate team. In fact, the Inside Sales Agent (ISA) team model is…
Success Stories
May 1, 2018

Success Stories: Bruce Levine Carla Nell

"It is extremely comforting that I’ve got an affordable partner that is there responding quickly, and they’re on top of things. If you’re looking to improve your business and you value your clients, and your prospects having real human relationships,…
Company News
April 24, 2018

Agentology Raises $12 Million to Redefine Sales Funnel for Real Estate Agents and Announces a Marketing Agreement with Realogy to Accelerate Adoption

Agentology, the leading sales productivity platform for real estate agents, today announced that it has received $12 million in Series A funding to enhance its already robust lead qualification process and referral network. The funding round was led by,…
Success Stories
April 20, 2018

Success Stories: Albie Vas

"With Agentology we are able to convert at a higher rate, before it would take 1/24 leads in order to get interaction... now with Agentology it's 1/6."