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We Generate, Engage, and Nurture Every Lead From Click to ClosingTM
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How it Works


We expertly execute ad campaigns on your behalf. We leverage small details to deliver you exclusive leads that turn into closings.


We call new leads within 5 minutes, and filter out the junk for you. Once a lead is qualified and expecting your call, we’ll send you all their information.


Your success is our success. It’s our mission to find you serious buyers and sellers who are ready to meet and are more likely to close.


If you’re unable to service a referral, you can send it back to us and we’ll match the client with someone else. If the deal closes, we pay YOU a 25% referral fee.

AgentPro™ Availability:

To qualify for AgentPro, you must fall within the top 5% of Realtors in your market and meet a minimum sales requirement. If you are a top producing agent or team, apply today and we’ll reach out with availability and pricing for your area of interest.

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Video Testimonials

The thrill we get when our partners succeed is one thing,
but when we get a video testimonial it feels absolutely out of this world.

Ehren Alessi

Top 1% Las Vegas Broker

“If you want more leads with a higher conversion rate, I definitely recommend [Agentology].”

Dawn Matzen and Geri Anderson

Bob Lucido Team

“We’ve been extremely happy. Great customer service, very responsive, and we only work with real buyers and sellers.”

Martin Lovelace

Benchmark Realty

“They are just continuing to deliver month after month. It’s the best thing I’m investing in.”

Mike Flynn

Flynn Realty Group

“They reach out to people right away, they introduce you with email and text message alerts and by the time the lead comes to you they’re really as warm as a lead can get.”

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6 Reasons to Use AgentPro


You don’t like competing for leads, and want exclusivity over all the referrals generated in your service area.

Performance Based

You prefer to pay for results, not just leads. You want a partner who’s incentivized to help you close more deals.


You’re looking for a marketing solution you can count on to deliver consistent results every month to help you grow your brokerage or team.

Pre-Screened Referrals

You hate prospecting and calling cold leads. You want an ISA to do the dirty work for you.

Expertly Executed Ad Campaigns

You want a team of experts to manage your marketing budget across google, yahoo, bing, and Facebook for you.

Referral Network

Our ReferralEngine platform takes the leads and clients you’re not able to service, matches them with a top performing agent in their area, and pays you a 25% referral fee at closing. Learn more >>

Participating Referral Partners

We take your referrals very seriously, which is why we only connect them with top agents. We follow up and monitor for quality control throughout the process to ensure your clients have a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions – we’ve got answers. If your question is not covered below, feel free to click the bubble in the bottom left corner to start a live chat with our Customer Success Team.

We engage the lead within moments of it hitting our inbox to maximize our odds of converting.* Once a referral has been pre-screened, we tell them to expect a call from the agent (YOU), and send you all of their details.

We continue to attempt to get a hold of the client for months through a periodic follow-up schedule which includes phone calls, texts, and email nurturing. The leads stay in our system until we consider them unqualified.

We expertly execute ad campaigns on your behalf across a variety of channels (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook). We drive traffic to geotargeted landing pages that we manage and that are proven to convert the best quality leads. Some of our domains include MyAgentFinder.com, HomeValueMagic.com, ShortSaleAgentFinder.com, and CharitableAgents.com.

Pricing varies based on lead volume and availability in your area, but it comes down to a low monthly fee for a guaranteed amount of pre-screened referrals + a 25% referral fee for every deal that closes escrow

We will issue a referral check to you within 5 business days of us receiving from Escrow or the receiving Brokerage.

The Receiving Brokerage pays Agentology a 35% referral fee: 25% goes to you, 10% goes to Agentology for managing the process from start to finish.