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How it Works

We do the work, you get paid.

1. Submit Your Referrals


To make it easy, we give you two options:
1. Login to the agent portal and click the big red “Add Referral” button or
2. Email your referral’s information directly to the unique email created for your account.

2. We Handle Everything


Once you submit the referral, we handle everything. We call to confirm the details, we match them with the BEST agent based on their needs, and we follow up at every touchpoint through to you receiving your 25%.

3. You Get Paid


As soon as escrow closes on a deal you refer, we’re both notified. Until you receive a check in the mail, our mission includes two main things: Making sure your referral is happy, and getting you paid.


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We Take Your Referral Business
Very Seriously

You are a client magnet. And since you can’t help the gravitational pull you have when it comes to attracting more clients, you struggle to find the time to work with all of them. Don’t lose them. Refer them. Your business is bigger than you may think.

World Class Customer Support

We Work with Top Agents

We partner with the best agents in every market who know how to close your referrals. Your referrals will be in good hands.

We Manage the Entire Process

We Manage the Entire Process

We remain actively involved with your referral from start to closing, and you can always see the status of your outbound referrals on your Agent Dashboard.

We Work with Top Agents

World Class Customer Support

We have an amazing support team who is here to help, you and your clients anytime. We take your trust very seriously and aim to “WOW” our partners and clients every day!

6 Ways to Use Agent2Agent



You are retiring but would like to continue generating passive income from your organic website leads or people in your network.

Low Quality Leads

You are generating leads from a variety of sources that don’t meet your personal minimum criteria (price range, out of market area, etc.).

For Friends & Family

You have friends or family you want to make sure get matched with a top performing agent.

Too Many Leads & Not Enough Time

You’re generating more leads than you or your team can handle, but don’t want to leave them hanging.


You have a relocation client and want to leave the headache involved with managing and tracking the referral from start to finish.

Dead Prospects

You have a large list of dead prospects that you think can monetize simply by handing them over to a company that will focus on bringing every prospect back to life.

It’s Not Rocket Science

In our opinion, the decision to use Agent2Agent is what we would consider a “no brainer”. Take two minutes to submit your referral, press a button, and BOOM! You could be getting a 25% commission check in the mail! We do ALL of the work, you do ALL of the play. It’s that simple.


More of your questions, answered. Here are some additional details about how our agent-to-agent referral platform works:


What happens after I submit a referral?

During our New Referral Welcome Call, we pre-screen the buyer or seller by confirming their needs. Once a referral has been qualified, we research and introduce the client to our best agent based on their needs. We keep track of that relationship through to the close of escrow using the Status Update function found on your Agent Dashboard.

What happens if you can’t get a hold of the referral I submit?

We continue to attempt to get a hold of the client for months through a periodic follow-up schedule that includes phone calls, texts, and email nurturing. The leads stay in our system until we can consider them unqualified.

When do I get paid my 25% referral fee?

We will issue a referral check to you within 5 business days of receiving the referral fee from Escrow or the receiving Brokerage.

How does Agentology make money?

The Receiving Brokerage pays Agentology a 35% referral fee: 25% goes to you, 10% goes to Agentology for managing the process from start to finish.

Can I cancel a referral that I've already submitted?

Once we've referred the client to one of our partner brokers on the ground, it's too late to cancel. However, the client can always choose not to work with our recommended broker. If we haven't yet qualified the client for referral, you can still cancel - simply email to do so.

Is my client under any obligation to work with the partner broker we recommend?

No, we simply make an introduction and a recommendation for your referral. If the client feels that they don't wish to work with our recommended agent, we can make another introduction if the client chooses, or they can find an agent elsewhere on their own.

What kinds of referrals can I submit into the system?

You can submit raw leads from your different lead sources like Zillow, Trulia,, Boomtown, etc.. You can also submit more Personal Referrals like past clients or family members, which we'll treat with a more personal touch during our qualification process.

Still have questions?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Agent2Agent!

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